Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vernon Pickleball Club 2nd Open Invitational Tournament

Vernon Pickleball Club held their second Open Invitational Tournament on July 26 at MacDonald Park A total of 64 players played enthusiastically on a hot, beautiful Okanagan day. Some of the top ranked players in western Canada participated in our tournament. Many players came from out of town (Richmond, Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna, etc...). The courts were lined with spectators. Below are tournament results.
Level 3.5 Pool A                            Level 3.5 Pool B                          Level 3.5 Pool C
1. Greg Thompson, Vernon              1. Ann Collier, Vernon                   1. Jim Lissa, West Kelowna
2. Bruce Simpson, Vernon               2. Helga Hepditch, Kelowna           2. Pat Andrews, Vernon
3. Mel Saranchuk, West Kelowna    3. Brian Burgess, Vernon                3. Darrell Sherrin, Kelowna
Level 3.5 Pool D                            Level 4.0 Pool A                           Level 4.0 Pool B
1. *Gerry Forcier, Vernon                1. Peter Darvill, Richmond              1 .Dale Charlton, Kelowna
2. Lisa Thompson, Vernon                2. Louis Lalond, Kelowna              2. Doris, Albert, Kelowna
3. Betty Loyst, Peachland                  3. Eric Taylor, Kelowna                 3. Van Mallow, Kelowna

Level 4.0 Pool C                              Level 4.5
1. Ray Gagnon, Kelowna                    1. Dan Jmaeff, Lake Country
2. Rob Relling, Vernon                       2. Jim Saunders, W.Kelowna

3. Dan Baum, Kelowna                      3. Doug Dimery, Kelowna

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tournament Points 2014 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship

Pickleball Canada National Open Championship July 4th, 5th, 6th, 2014.
Tournament Points for Tier 1 PCO Sanctioned Tournament.  http://pickleballcanada.org 
Gold - 1600 points,  Silver - 800 points,  Bronze - 400 points.
3200 Points:Fion Chou, Andrew McKimmon, Karen Sawatsky, Nancy Stern
2400 Points:Brian Parkes, Terri Welch
2000 Points:Magdalene Chou, Dan Jmaeff, Brenda Jmaeff, Sharon Moore, Maurice
Parobec, Luba Zhekhovskaya
1600 Points:Linda Brown, Doug Dimery, Ken Franz, Brian Lam, Elaine Lerner, Anne
McCallum, Roberta Meakin, Jim Saunders, John Savoy, Jim Scorgie, David
1200 Points:Peter Darvill, Cookie Drake, John Kusch         
800 Points:Lori Beechinor, Mary Dallas, Kim Hun Koop, Gary Lum, Tim Mah, Pete Neuman

Friday, July 11, 2014

Photos of Pickleball Canada National Open 2014

Above: Group photo July 4, Below: President of Pickleball Canada, Shirley Shepherd, Open Womens Singles winners: Jennifer Lucore (CA),Roberta Meakin (BC),Shelley Lawrence(BC)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thank you to 2014 National Open Participants

Subject: 2014 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship July 4 - 5- 6
Hello Everyone,
On behalf of the City of Abbotsford thank you for attending the 3rd Annual Pickleball Canada National Open Championships on July 4th. 5th. and 6th.here in the City of Abbotsford. In follow up to our tournament I am forwarding a letter from Shirley Shepherd, President, Pickleball Canada and Tournament Director, 2014 National Open.
Ryan Coreau
Community Recreation Coordinator
Abbotsford Recreation Centre
On behalf of Pickleball Canada, I would like to thank all the participants, volunteers and sponsors for making this year's National another great success. The calibre of play was extremely high and although it was extremely competitive all matches were played in a spirit of friendship and fair play. It would be fair to say that we are seeing in Abbotsford some of the best play in the country. We welcomed participants from all parts of North America, from Ontario to Vancouver Island, from Alaska to Arizona. Other than local players in the Greater Vancouver area, all the other participants came to Abbotsford at considerable personal expense to play in the National, and we hope they enjoyed the event and their visit to Abbotsford. We are very fortunate to be able to have this wonderful venue at Abbotsford Rec. Centre and most of all, the cooperation and support we receive from the City of Abbotsford and their entire team is immeasurable. Fortunately this is a city that has a great reputation as a welcoming host city for sporting events.
As Tournament Director for this event, I am certainly aware of some of the limitations when trying to fit in 20 events on eight courts in 3 days. As in previous years some of the events were round robin and some double elimination depending on the size of the entry in each event. We tried to make sure that participants were able to play as many games as possible in the smaller entry brackets. I invite and would welcome your comments and feedback on this year's tournament.
Again, a big thank you to you all.
Shirley Shepherd
President, Pickleball Canada
Tournament Director, 2014 National Open

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tournament Results Pickleball Canada National Open Championship 2014

Tournament Results

Pickleball Canada National Open Championship - 2014-07-04
Men - Singles
OpenWesley GabrielsenBrian LamChris Miller
Women - Singles
OpenJennifer LucoreRoberta MeakinShelley Lawrence
Men - Doubles
55+Maurice Parobac - Dan JmaeffBrian Lam - Garry LumGlenn Cho - Henry Paynter
60+Doug Dimery, - Jim ScorgieTim Mah - Ross PerkinLouis Lalonde - Ray Timbers
65+Brian Parkes - Rich SkaarePeter Darvill - John KuschMatt Khan - Henry Meerkerk
70+Ron Hohman - Larry SilverJim Saunders - Doug RossTim Ames - Danny Hui
OpenSteve Wong - Glenn GriffinChris Miller - Billy JacobsenDenis Zhekhovskiy - Scott Lenan

Under 55Dave Touchet - Andrew McKimmonRob Schneider -Dave BrionesMichael Epp - Mark Lowe
Women - Doubles
55+Karen Sawatsky -Terry WelchLori Beechinor - Mary DallasBeryl Kusch -Claire Pool
60+Brenda Jmaeff -Nancy SternElaine Lerner - Teresa OrcuttShirley Edwards - Mida Postler
65+Linda Brown - Sharon MooreDoreen Holmes - Faye Oakes
70+Alice Tym - Betty SilverKarin Rees - Silvia SimpsonMerrie Lee - Barbara Miachika
OpenChristine Barksdale - Luba Zhekhovskaya Jennifer Lucore - Darcie JacobsenCookie Drake - Che Cui
Under 55Fion Chou - Magdalene ChoyKaren Heinrichs - Kim Hun KoppJill Jackson - Elizabeth Peckham
Mixed Doubles
55+Ken Franz - Karen SawatskyMatt Annan - Terry WelchMaurice Parobec - Rosemary Nichol
60+John Savoy - Nancy SternBrian Parkes - Elaine LernerDan Jmaeff - Brenda Jmaeff
65+David Ulis - Anne MccallumJim Saunders - Terry SaundersJohn Kusch - Kathleen Parkes
70+Alice Tym - Ron HohmanLarry Silver - Betty SilverAndy Bakogeorge - Sharon Moore
OpenChristine Barksdale - Wesley GabrielsenSteve Wong - Cookie DrakeLuba Zhekhovskaya - Denis Zhekhovskiy
Under 55Andrew McKimmon - Fion ChouRoberta Meakin - Peter NeumannMagdalene Choy - Peter Darvill

Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Nationals Schedule & Information July 4th, 5th and 6th, 2014

2014 National Open Championship Schedule of Events
Friday July 4
Time                          ARC Gym 1                       ARC Gym 2
8:30am - 11am          55+ Men’s Doubles           60+ Women’s Doubles
11am - 1pm               60+ Men’s Doubles          70+ Men’s Doubles
12pm - 1:30pm          Lunch available 12pm - 1:30pm  No breaks in play for lunch
                                  Medal Presentations throughout day
1pm - 3pm                 65+ Men’s Doubles         55+ Women’s Doubles  
 3-6pm                      65+ Women’s Doubles     70+ Women’s Doubles

Saturday, July 5
Time                          ARC Gym 1                       ARC Gym 2
8:30am - 11am          60+ Mixed Doubles           55+ Mixed Doubles
11am - 1pm               65+ Mixed Doubles          70+ Mixed Doubles
12pm - 1:30pm          Lunch available 12pm - 1:30pm  No breaks in play for lunch
                                  Medal Presentations throughout day
1pm - 5pm                Open Mixed Doubles          Under 55 Mixed Doubles 

Sunday, July 6
Time                          ARC Gym 1                          ARC Gym 2
8:30am - 11am          Open Men's Doubles             Open Women's Doubles
11am - 1pm               Under 55 Women's Doubles  Under 55 Men's Doubles
12pm - 1:30pm          Lunch available 12pm - 1:30pm  No breaks in play for lunch
                                  Medal Presentations throughout day
1pm - 5pm                Open Men's Singles           Open Women's Singles

The draws will be posted at ARC on Friday July 4th.
Please note the following information for the tournament. This information can also be found in the tournament guide.
· Opening ceremony will take place at 8 am on July 4 in the ARC gym
· The Registration table will open at 7 am on July 4th, 5th and 6th. Players must check in at registration table and sign waivers before playing.
· Each day matches start at 8:30 am July 4th, 5th and 6th. Practise time Thursday July 3 at 5pm to 8pm.
· Social dinner at Phoenix Lounge, Abbotsford at 6:30pm on July 4.
· 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+ Men's and Women's Doubles and 55+, 70+ Mixed Doubles are round robin format.
· 60+, 65+ Mixed Doubles, Open Mixed Doubles and Under 55 Mixed Doubles are Double Elimination format.
· Open and Under 55 Men's and Women's Doubles, Open Men's and Women's Singles are Double Elimination format.
· Please check in one hour before your event.
· Please be warmed up and ready for your match when it is announced.
· Lunch is available between 12pm- 1:30pm. No Breaks will be given for lunch.
· Free indoor/outdoor parking

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Top Players of the World Competing in Pickleball Canada National Open Championship July 4th, 5th and 6th, 2014

Pickleball Canada National Open Championship at  Abbotsford Recreation Centre, 2499 McMillan Road, Abbotsford, B.C. on July 4th, 5th and 6th, 2014.  Top Players of the world will be competing in the Mens and Womens Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles in Age, Open and Under 55 categories. 

Spectators are welcome to watch the competition free of charge but food is reserved for paid participants only. You can purchase food at ARC Cafe in the Abbotsford Recreation Centre. There is free indoor and Outdoor parking.

Top 5.0 players from Canada and the USA will be competing for the National Champions titles.  Top players in the Open Mens Doubles include Steve Wong/Glenn Griffin, Chris Miller/Billy Jacobsen, Denis Zhekhovskiy/Scott Lennan.  Top players in the Open Womens Doubles include Jennifer Lucore/Darcie Jacobsen, Luba Zhekhovskaya/Christine Barksdale, Cherilyn Drake/Che Cui.  Top players in the Open Mixed Doubles include Wesley Gabrielsen/Christine Barksdale, Steve Wong/Cherilyn Drake, Denis Zehkhovskiy/Luba Zhekhosskaya, Scott Lennan/Theresa Orcutt.  Open Singles top players include Wesley Gabrielsen, Chris Miller, Jennifer Lucore, Darcie Jacobsen and Marco Jankowiak.  Don't miss these exciting Championship matches, it's like watching world famous tennis champions Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.