Thursday, March 10, 2011

Len Taal Pickling in Sun Valley in California

News from Len Taal, March 10/11 PCA Area Ambassador, Victoria, B.C.
Greetings from Sky Valley in California where,like many Canadian Picklers, we are winterizing until April and then returning to our home In Esquimalt to continue playing at our local Rec Centre. Of course while so many "northerners" are down south the local venues are lacking participants. Would you believe that at one time we had 16 picklers from the Esquimalt Rec Centre in our park near Palm Springs! But come April many return and will begin to tune up for the BC Seniors Games in August.

In Victoria pickleball is being played in several area Centres and one ambitious pickler is holding training session on Saturday mornings for those looking to enhance their skill level. I can't wait to get back home and find out how things are going. But wait. It is raining out on the west coat...huh... I'll stay in the sun down south just a tad longer. Pickleball in 30 degree heat anyone?

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