Sunday, March 27, 2011

Write-Up from Area Ambassador,Trail, BC

Hello fellow pickleball players,

My name is Carrie Lajeunesse, and I am the current Pickleball Ambassador for the Trail B.C. pickleball group. We are a pretty diverse group of men and women that vary in age from 16-70+ years young. Many players travel from Castlegar, Fruitvale, and Montrose to play in our group because we have the only organized pickleball group in the area. In the early spring, winter and late fall we can be found playing in the Cominco Gym and in the late spring, summer and early fall we can be found playing at the Trail Aquatic and Leisure center on the tennis courts. Our playing times are Tues/Thurs mornings and Wed evenings. This allows some of our players to play up to 3 times a week if they wish. Our Parks and Rec pickleball liaison, Lisa, is planning a fun tournament for sometime in June, which we are all very much looking forward to. Trail is also one of the towns hosting the Senior Games in August of this year. I believe Pickleball is being hosted here in Trail.

I have been playing for about 2 years and enjoying every minute of it. I have met some really great people. We have a lot of fun and get a great work out as well. Alas, I am still working so I cannot play as often as I would like. Some of us did not think we would see the day when we would wish we were a little older so we could participate as players in the Seniors Games!

We look forward to the day when our paths cross either at a tournament or the Senior Games one year. Happy volleying!
Regards, Carrie Lajeunesse

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