Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who is the new Canadian Pickleball Federation?

By Colin Caldwell, President of Pickelball Canada.
There has been a recent development here in Canada. The new profit centre, Canada Pickleball, has decided to change its name to The Canadian Pickleball Federation and along with that its owner, Brent Johner from Calgary, has appointed his "federation" the governing body for the sport of pickleball in all of Canada. See the announcement on the web at

I'm amazed at the audacity of Mr Johner and company but maybe I shouldn't be so amazed as Chuck has been self appointing himself any number of things in the past months and years.

This proclamation along with the the article on Mr Johner's web site titled "Our Hidden Agenda" outlines their intent to become the governing body for pickleball in Canada to secure funding from Sports Canada. Once again, this all comes down to money.

By definition a "federation" is a group of states with a central government but with independence in internal affairs. Mr Johner could have joined the truly international federation of pickleball, the IFP, but because he insists on promoting the Apike and Hush paddles they cannot.

The IFP is the true federation of pickleball with representatives in the USA, India and Canada. Pickleball Canada is a proud member of that federation and we fully believe in promoting pickleball nationally and internationally through the federation.

Mr Johner and the Canadian Pickleball Federation can call themselves what they want and represent themselves however they wish but in the end they are fooling no one. It is a money grab and that's all it is.

Where will this all end? I don't know but I am sick and tired of these self appointed guns for hire entrepreneurs that think only of what kind of profit they can make out of pickleball.

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