Monday, April 23, 2012

Alex Gendron, Pickleball Canada Area Ambassador, Central Island Area, B.C.

We are very pleased to announce that Alex Gendron has been appointed as Pickleball Canada's Area Ambassadors for Central Island Area, B.C. effective April 23, 2012. Congratulations Alex on your appointment !!! Pickleball Canada now has 17 Area Ambassadors in B.C.

Alex plays pickleball in Nanaimo and Ladysmith, B.C. and sees the need to promote the sport to Parks and Recreation facilitators in a way that will attract new and experienced players. He has started a web page that promotes pickleball in their area and atttached resources, events, places to play and a blog open for all players to have their voice heard. He is participating in the formation of a Pickleball Club which is just getting off the ground, to assist in dealing with facilitators for space and fee structure to allow affordable play locations in the community and development of outdoor places to play from unused tennis courts.

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