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2012 Pickleball Canada National Champions Names and photos

On July 7th and 8th Abbotsford Rec. Centre was the host site of the first Pickleball Canada National Open Tournament.
ARC and Yale Secondary gyms provided 14 courts which enabled the City of Abbotsford to host this prestigious event.
168 registered participants from all over Canada and the USA were playing in this event including most of the top Canadian players.
Many of our top local players participated as well as large contingents from our neighbouring municipalities in addition to Vancouver Island and the Interior.
Top teams came from most Canadian provinces. The USA teams included players from Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona.
Top USA teams Jennifer Lucore and Darcy Jacobsen, Billy Jacobsen and Chris Miller. They are USAPA National Champions. Mayor Banman welcomed all the players and lead the singing of our National Anthem on Saturday morning. The level of play was superb, with 20 events scheduled over 2 days from 8am to 6 pm both days. Congratulations to all the winners. Dave and Shirley Shepherd from Abbotsford were the Tournament Directors and would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, referees and local sponsors of this event. It was a very festive occasion with many equipment suppliers displaying the latest products. A huge thank you to ARC, Mandy Hadfield and Jenny Thornton for helping us to host this National tournament.
Local Abbotsford winners included Gene Latray, Ken Franz, Debbie Holley, Claire Pool, Matt Khan, Henry Meerkerk, Mandy Witt, Gerry Logan and Jerry Rudolph.
Some of the out-of-town participants are:
B.C. - Ed Burke, Christine Perras, Jim and Terry Saunders, Doug Ross, Tim Mah, Brian Lam, Keith and Linda Brown, John and Pat Booth, Jim Boris, Ken Akins, Glenn Degregario.....
Alberta - Linda Dane (Edmonton,AB), Dorothy Downie, Bill Canning (Red Deer, AB), Jake Jacobsen, Hazel Sakaluk. 
Sask.- Larry and Debra Evans
Ontario - Peter Werry (PAO Treasurer), Peter and Susan Singleton (London, ON)
Washington, USA - Vi Stockman, Earl Hill, Billy and Darcie Jacobsen, Chris Miller, Jason Hanson, Alan Gadbaw, Bud Meltsner.
California - Rosie Roper, Devon Heys, Lisa Copeland, Jennifer Lucore, Gordon Bolton, Maria Doest
Texas - PJ Leonard
A list of winners is shown below.
2012 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship on July 7 -8, 2012:
OPEN Singles Mens Billy Jacobsen (Seattle,WA) Chris Miller (WA) Brian Lam (Coquitlam, BC)
OPEN Singles Womens Jennifer Lucore (San Deigo,CA) Darcie Jacobsen (Seattle, WA)
OPEN Doubles Mixed Zhekhovskaya/Zhekhovsky (Surrey,BC) Caldwell/Orcutt (Surrey,BC) Iggulden/Iggulden (Surrey,BC)
OPEN Doubles Mens Jacobsen/Miller (Seattle, WA) Skinner/Zhekhovskiy (Surrey,BC) Power/Wagner (Nanaimo,BC)
OPEN Doubles Womens Lucore/Jacobsen (Seattle,WA, California) Lerner/Zhekhovskaya (Surrey,BC) Orcutt/lehman (Surrey,BC)
Under 55 Doubles Mixed Schwarz/Schwarz (Nanaimo,BC) Lam/Postler (Coquitlam,BC/Kelowna)Fosbery/Fosbery (Kelowna,BC)
Under 55 Doubles Mens Schwarz/Fosbery (Nanaimo,BC) Power/Wagner (Surrey,BC) Gene Latray/Ken Franz (Abbotsford, BC)
Under 55 Doubles Womens Schwarz/Fosbery (Nanaimo,BC) Iggulden/Coss (Surrey,BC) Saunders/Power (Kelowna, BC)
55+ Doubles Mixed, NicholsBourne (Vernon, BC) Jmaeff/Jmaeff (Kelowna,BC) Stern/Savoy (Nanaimo, BC)
55+ Doubles Mens, Ellis/Iggulden (Surrey, BC) Evans/Priebe (Regina,SK/Surrey,BC)McWilliam/Morgan (Kelowna,BC)
55+ Doubles Womens, Postler/Edwards (Surrey, BC) Jackson/Jmaeff (Kamloops,BC) Debbie Holley/Claire Pool (Abbotsford, BC)
60+ Doubles Mixed, Kusch/Lerner (Surrey, BC) Saunders/Saunders (Kelowna,BC) Gillis/Mah (Surrey, BC)
60+ Doubles Mens, Kusch/Touchet (Surrey, BC) Bourne/Banns (Surrey, BC) Matt Khan/Henry Meerkerk (Abbotsford/Chilliwack, BC)
60+ Doubles Womens, Kathy Parkes/Judy Van Aert(Chilliwack,BC) Crawford/Peusepp (Kelowna, BC) Roper/Kusch (California, USA/Surrey, BC)
65+ Doubles Mixed, Hill/Oehlenschlaeger (Surrey, BC/Nanaimo ,BC) Darvill/Griffiths (Ladner,BC/Chilliwack,BC) Jetelina/Jetelina (Surrey, BC)
65+ Doubles Mens, Darvill/Meltivier (Ladner, BC/WA) Ross/Saunders (Surrey,BC/Kelowna,BC) Hill/Parkes (Surrey,BC/Chilliwack, BC)
65+ Doubles Womens, Hill/Jetelina (Surrey, BC) Booth/Brown (Kelowna, BC) Mandy Witt/Gerry Logan (Chilliwack/Abbotsford, BC)
70+ Doubles Mixed, Kennedy/Loskot (Surrey,BC/CA) Haworth/Hill (Chilliwack,BC/WA) Orlosvky/Orlovsky (N.Vancouver, BC)
70+ Doubles Mens, Jetalina/Kennedy (Surrey,BC) Mezei/Metivier (Surrey, BC) Ed Burke/Jerry Rudolph (Kelowna,BC/ (Abbotsford, BC)
70+ Doubles Womens Haworth/Loskot (Chilliwack/BC/Surrey,BC) Stockman/Griffiths (Lynden, WA,Chilliwack,BC)Penink/Thompson (Kelowna, BC)

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