Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pickleball Canada Sanctioned Tournaments, Tournament Points and IFP Player Ratings

2013 Pickleball Canada's Sanctioned Tournaments:  The 2nd Pickleball Canada National Open Championship, Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament and Ontario 50+ Pickleball Tournament.

Pickleball Canada publish the results and photos of all sanctioned tournaments and tournament points on our newsletters and we also publish the top 50 players in Canada with the most tournament points of each year for recognition of their achievements.

Benefits of Tournament Points:

Tournament Points are awarded as recognition of achievement in Sanctioned Tournaments.
Tournament Points will be used to publish a list of the top 50 tournament point winners at the end of each calendar year.
Tournament Points may be used by Tournament Directors to determine seeding in tournament brackets.
Tournament Points may be used by the Ratings Committee to determine a player's rating at the end of each year.

IFP Player Ratings are available for players in the U.S. and Canada.  PCO publishes the official IFP player ratings on the IFP website   If any of our members would like to get an IFP rating because they play in the USA in the winters, please contact Pickleball Canada to post an IFP player's rating for them (a self rating approved by PCO Ambassador, Tournament Director or a committee). PCO and USAPA use the same IFP player ratings because we want to have the same player's ratings in each country so players can play in the same skill rated tournaments in Canada or USA.

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