Friday, April 25, 2014

Pickleball Depot Donates 1000 Paddles Across Canada

Pickleball Depot will be donating 1000 wood pickleball paddle across Canada.  They will donate 100 paddles per month for the next 10 months to schools, youth and senior groups and community associations that are non-profit and willing to commit to using the equipment but lack funding to get started. 
They are going to distribute them in packages of 4 paddles and two balls, or 8 paddles and 4 balls (2-indoor, 2-outdoor).  Each organization must allow them to publish their name on their website and the recipients will only pay the shipping charges for the paddle packages.
They hope that pickleball clubs across Canada will get involved in helping start up groups with instruction and assistance to get these new clubs up and running.  Click here for information

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