Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vernon Pickleball Club 2nd Open Invitational Tournament Results July 26, 2014

Vernon Pickleball Club held their second Open Invitational Tournament on July 26 at MacDonald Park A total of 64 players played enthusiastically on a hot, beautiful Okanagan day. Some of the top ranked players in western Canada participated in our tournament. Many players came from out of town (Richmond, Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna, etc...). The courts were lined with spectators. Below are tournament results.
Level 3.5 Pool A                            Level 3.5 Pool B                          Level 3.5 Pool C
1. Greg Thompson, Vernon              1. Ann Collier, Vernon                   1. Jim Lissa, West Kelowna
2. Bruce Simpson, Vernon               2. Helga Hepditch, Kelowna           2. Pat Andrews, Vernon
3. Mel Saranchuk, West Kelowna    3. Brian Burgess, Vernon                3. Darrell Sherrin, Kelowna
Level 3.5 Pool D                            Level 4.0 Pool A                           Level 4.0 Pool B
1. *Gerry Forcier, Vernon                1. Peter Darvill, Richmond              1 .Dale Charlton, Kelowna
2. Lisa Thompson, Vernon                2. Louis Lalond, Kelowna              2. Doris, Albert, Kelowna
3. Betty Loyst, Peachland                  3. Eric Taylor, Kelowna                 3. Van Mallow, Kelowna

Level 4.0 Pool C                              Level 4.5
1. Ray Gagnon, Kelowna                    1. Dan Jmaeff, Lake Country
2. Rob Relling, Vernon                       2. Jim Saunders, W.Kelowna

3. Dan Baum, Kelowna                      3. Doug Dimery, Kelowna

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