Monday, January 19, 2015

PCO Area Ambassador for Westlock, Alberta

We are very pleased to announce that George Oko has been appointed as Pickleball Canada Area Ambassador for Westlock, Alberta effective January 19, 2015 George and many players do not go south for 6 months and they play pickleball indoors all winter in Alberta.  He sees that pickleball is only played outdoors in the summer, he would like to promote it as a winter sport as well.  He runs a pickleball program in Westlock and has done a demonstration in Athabasca.  He holds at least two "Introduction to Pickleball" clinics during the winter.  He would like to promote pickleball as an indoor sport by indicating to 55+ groups that it should be a part of both the Winter and Summer Games. There is no question that grassroots initiatives are driving pickleball's tremendous growth. Tournaments, new members and places to play, and player development are all spawned in communities. 

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